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A sore humankind - walking a path, torn apart by wars and poverty - is portrayed through the eyes and hearts of photographers, who are the participants in Exodos. Men and women, elderly people and children travelling long distances, passing through landscapes and attempting to cross crystallized borders closing the door to life.
It is a visual storytelling but still entrenched within the words of those who are stubbornly motivated to be on the frontline of testimony, using personal experiences.

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Director Biography - Alessandro Ingaria
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Alessandro Ingaria (Italy, 1976)
Director of documentaries and short movies with contamination by video-art. Head of social projects and asylum seeker hospitality projects. Mayor of small municipality in Italy. He works with a strong vocation for human rights and anthropology approach.

FLIYNG VIPERA (12’ - 2020) Director - Genres: Mockumentary
Jury Prize Piemonte Documenteur Film Festival 2020
Official Selection Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (BAFICI) 2021...


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